Sources taxes

Tax deducted at source :

Integrated program to manage tax deduction at source and allows the user to do the following
• Deducting tax on vendors payment automatically and generating form No 41 according to tax data recorded in the vendor car
• Issuance of tax deducted notice and printing it
• Definition of all tax offices and its own code so are shown a model of 41 government optimally required
• Show warning before the date of maturity of tax , warning before date of submission
• The possibility of sending acknowledgment via a Email directly from the program if the user wants the
• Special reports for tax forms and payments subjected to tax deduction and not subjected to deduction
• Report presents book discount entitlement and tax payment, cought legally binding
• Report for each resource movement discount and supply it is also legally binding cought
• Report models 41 and their paid and non-paid and submitted and non-submitted and paid partly differences and receivables and payment methods cash or checks and presentation methods Manual or Auto
• Report notices discount and report notifications canceled
• A comprehensive guide to explain the rules and regulations of tax deduction at source program