Schools program

Financial Program provides financial system fully accounts for schools and students basic features are as follows
• A simple guide to student card and grades in school with the possibility to modify and an unlimited number of levels, the ability to add card account each student shows the data for each student
•The possibility of adding grades in school nursery / primary / preparatory / Secondary .•The ability to add and define academic years within each grade level (first year - second year - a third year)
•Ability to add value textbooks or books the ministry or high-level books for each grade level and for each year of study and the software calculates the total value of textbooks
•The possibility of adding the value of each school activity within each grade level and the software calculates the total value of each activity within each stage
•You can declare tuition within each grade and each school year within this stage and all cases of students both (student Moved - student Newcomer - student listener) and the software will add value textbooks and value activity for this stage and this school year automatically with the possibilityAdd any other expenses
•The ability to add a wide variety of discounts, which can be granted to students such as
(Discounting partners - sons workers - Discount siblings - other discounts)
•Definition card for each bus and add all data related to each bus from the name of the session bus - drivers name - No. bus - the price of each cycle, whether a full course (go and return) or half cycle (just go or return only) or a special session, and the price of each session for each case of students (Moved - Newcomer)
•The possibility of dealing with more than one way to pay and add the number of installments required to pay and determine the status of the student, whether movable or Newcomer or listener and identify expenses that will be paid in full with first installment and expenses, which will be distributed to premiums and the program selects the ratios premiums equally with the possibility of amendment which suit payment method required The program distributes expenses owed by the student according to the automatic premium rates set and calculate the total premium
•The possibility of recording data partners whether the husband or wife and their names Quartet and determine whether they are partners or partners and school staff
•Register employees responsible for data collection expenses school
•Among the most important processes Featured in the program, which is one of the most important care about schools is the process of recording data student so it was dealt with distinct and professional way where they are setting the stage and the school year and semester , the student is then recorded all his data of students name and the name of the mother and father quartet and National ID , and his father and mother and career both of them and phone numbers, address, date of birth and then the program automatically selects the acceptance of enrollment school student accordance with the age student and what was decided in the programs criteria for accepting students .. and after the process of recording data mother and father and their names Quartet The program automatic identifying if The student will be subject to any kind of discounts whether deduction brothers or sons employees or partners or other discounts and is determined by the value of each discount and will be applied or not
•The program automatic identifying the number of installments and the date of each installment and the value of each installment and the value of expenses car according to the cycle joint where the student and the value of discount education and the value of discount car, according to the payment method used and the number of installments and the percentage of each premium, which was recorded by a student
• When a student pay owed it is recorded in screen of repayment When you select Student Name it gives the Number of installment required , the program automatic account all expenses due and to be paid in this installment and the total owed is then registered a total paid and determine the payment method, either in cash or by check and the name of the installment collector
Reports of Schools Program:
The program offers a range of comprehensive reports which can:
•Outstanding account receivable and expenses, for example, books, education, or a car or whether activities for the current year or the previous year
•And detailed analytical reports for discounts granted to each student
•Analytical reports for each type of discounts whether discounting brothers or sons and other factors both separately • analytical reports for each student account
Detailed payment report
Analytical report shows the total expenses paid by students and can be reviewed at the level of one academic year or semester level one or level per student or all the years and academic levels and at the level of all the students of the school and at the level of the year status or previous year .
Report premiums and payments
Report shows analytical installments due on each student, and payments by the student to repay and can be reviewed at the level of the school year per or level per semester or level per student or all the years and grades and at the level of all the students of the school and at the level of year status or previous year.
Administration report
Report shows the share of each partner in the school of the profits of the school
Report of discounts
A detailed report explains the discounts granted to each student of various kinds whether deduction brothers, sons partners, sons of workers, other than
Report dues Education
Analytical report illustrates the premium owed by each student and outstanding premiums and total discounts granted to him and the remaining installments
Report dues books -Report dues bus -
Detailed payment report-Report other dues
Education payments detailed report
Books payments detailed report
Activities payments detailed report
Tuition payments detailed report
Other payments detailed report
Report discounts brothers
Report discounts sons partners
Report discounts sons workers
Report discounts excellence
Report other discounts
Report discounts bus
Funding report
Student data report
Payments Movement report