Alwahhap automative

image_1One of the best sectors, which our company prouds to deal with the it , has adopted an accounting program Gates on the level of commercial and financial sector

Aga fo industrial foods

image_1One of the biggest factories of food products that our company is honored to serve through their working on the program Gates fo accounting , stores and taxes  

Cairo cinema , drama and Zaman Channels

image_1One of our newest customers, which is the experience of our company demonstrate its strength in dealing with new sectors and in which we have introduced a program Gates Media, which operates efficiently in managing  advertising and linking it Gates accounting program

Global elivators

image_1Global elevators .. is one of the largest elevator companies in Egypt, which we feel proud for  its confidence in our company to work on Gates accounting , stores and taxes 

Alhassan and alhussein fo industrial foods

image_1One of the largest factories of food products which our company feels proud for preparing  financial and accounting system for it by our staff

Crystal Asfor

image_1One of the biggest companies in the sector of trading which depends totally by its branches on our program Gates accounting , stores and taxes