Trading , Import and export companies


Ganna company for crystal

After that the company has tried more than four accounting programs at the Egyptian and Arab market finally it contracted and working on Gates accounting program with its all modules of Accounting and stores, taxes and direct sales in all branches of the company ..The program has won admiration and appreciation

Swedish Trading electromechanical company

One of the companies engaged in the import and trade of power tools and working on a wide range of local and imported items and the company depends entirely on the program accounting and stores modules with its reports and the program was credited in automating the entire business of the company and its departments

Healthy Food Co.

One of the largest companies involved in the trade of food products , the company doing all the documentary cycle on the program on all its modules , our company made an optimal accounting implementation, which is compatible with the nature of accounting work and storage company has

Future of Petroleum and Transport


Which confirms the enormous capacity of the program, Gates accounting to be applied to different sectors and activities through depending on high flexibility in the application process which can be shown from the setting of the program on the level of each entry window , so the company rely on the program fully

Adaptive Solutions for Information Systems

One companies operating in the domain of information systems, which is proving its existence on customer trust program Gates and the companys management , the company had a special requirement and needed for some customizing to the program which fully considered and achieved for them at an optimal time

Trans ocean for Import and Export Company - Egypt - China - United Arab Emirates

A multinational company which operates three branches in China, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on our program Gates accounting and stores after the transfer of work from the previous program to our company depends fully on our letter of credit program in pricing its imported products

 Arab Company for Import and Export

 Exclusive agent for paper products- Josie brand- and who imports products and distribute to all governorates of Egypt and has more than one branch in Arab Republic of Egypt , the relying on the program in the connectivity and transfer between warehouses , salespeople and vehicles , program has achieved the companys impressive results in controlling the regulatory process in stores and finance

 Trust Co. for Import and Export

It is one of the companies that operate in the internal distribution system and rely on the program to adjust its stores and calculating commissions delegates has Gates work to develop special and in accordance with the requirements of Company which has had the greatest impact on automating all the financial and administrative aspects of the company

 Flowers of Paradise Import & Export - Egypt - Saudi Arabia

 It is one of the largest companies that export flowers and vegetables to many Arab countries and after the program that won confidence program was in its branch at Saudi Arabia


Bartimex Foreign Trade

ASAS Management Services

Safa group

Arab conditioning

Cole Air Conditioning

Global Lifts

Badr conditioning

Siraj Trade

Sinbad Petroleum Services

Global MD


Snow White


Cairo Trade



Ahram modern services


Laid a

Nobel company for international trading

M J 2

Free Art Zone


Alforat Rotana