Some of our Shools

image_1British International School
One of the largest international schools in the Arab Republic of Egypt, which has automate the entire business on our program Gates which has been developed in accordance with the requirements of the client to meet all the needs of mechanization school

Salah Eldin International School
is one of international schools, which had a big role in pushing the company to translate the entire program for the Turkish language so mainstream work on the program in all its branches in Turkey and then push the company for opening one of its branches in Turkey to work on the international market

Future Steps Languages School
The school purchased a license to work on the accounting program Gates and linked to one of the school programs have and after that make sure of strength of our program and of companys ability to support technically it has purchased the full modules of the program

Karma Language School
It became so easy for our company to convince new schools to work on our program relying on our customer list , but also our company caring to develop the system according to the requirement of the customers

Tajan Azharian Language school
One of the biggest and first-Azhar schools languages of the Arab Republic of Egypt has adopted Gates program with its schools , accounting and tax modules

Top private school
Paradise International School
School Trust International