Factories customers

image_1Wahab group of industry and trade of cars
After trying working on Gates program at Wahab Group for Industry and Trade, the company makes replacement of its accounting software by our accounting program .. Which had an impact on the companys financial control

Albonyan for ready Concrete
Through manufacturing program was able to give the user the ability to monitor all stages of the production lines .. The company has made accounting implementation to optimize the use of Gates program tp print documentary cycle for the company

Super foods factory
Through the application of the company for Module Manufacturing with other plants, such as factory Hassan and Hussein food products we could get the confidence of other similar plants such as Super Foods plant for meat products

Factory Hassan and Hussein
The company, through its distinctive team fully functioning accounting system for factory Hassan and Hussein and the work of the application of accounting and manufacturing optimized for all stages of production

AGA- Nile Agricultural Industries
Ferry trade to distribute food products
Ahram Plastic Industries
Candy factories (Sovix)
Morgan Chemical specialist
Web Weber
Saqr rubbe
Best Windows
Egypt Trac
Five Days
Egyptian Foundation for Brick
Arab Brick Sand
Factory supplier of plastic containers Sudan
Egyptian factory
Chemical plants modern-Maadi
W. Buck-Maadi
International for packaging