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Gates Soft company have been founded  in 2006 at the hands of chartered accountants and experts of preparing accounting systems and software .. characterized by its specialization in dealing with financial sectors in a  various activities and services , then the the company developed its programs to meet with different  levels and departments for any company through the program of the Financial System ERP Solution .. our company has so many sections to serve customers ranging from the marketing department, sales and customer service management, online technical support , field visits technical support and complaints  , below an overview of the companys software programs

Program of general and final accounts - Inventory Management Program - Manufacturing and production program - the program of sales tax - a tax deduction at source program - the program of letter of credits and guarantees - Schools Program - POS software - a program of restaurants - Maintenance Program - customer relation management program .

The previous projects of our company include so many companies in different sectors  and some of them from the biggest commercial and industrial companies, schools, and restaurants .... Please refer to link our customers

The company keens to serve the clients from our different branches im Maadi , 6 of October and Alharam branch  

Our Programs


The company offers a variety of financial and administrative programs which serves various sectors and activities .
Program of General and final accounts which provides the ability to record company transaction , J.E , cash payments and receipts, bank transaction , notes receivables , a variety of accounting reports such as , trial balance , balance sheet , trading and profit loss accounts , ledger account
stores Program .. a program for customers and suppliers, purchases, sales, inventory control, and a high capacity for flexibility and normalization on any activity and create more than one accounting cycle for the company  .. full control in directing stores and accounting and applying the tax .. multi-stores an inventory adjustments .. .. comprehensive analytical reports for sales ,returns, purchases, inventory ,movement of items ,the profits of items ,the profits of invoices and accounts of customers and suppliers
Tax software program .. sales tax and tax deducted at source program and the two programs enables the user to fully automating taxes to and generating tax forms
Manufacturing and production program .. It is a program characterized by the ability to define all forms and stages of production plant and then apply the manufacturing process down to the stage of the product fully automatically with an abundance of reports that reflect the manufacturing process and deviations from what is normative ,and determine the possibility of manufacturing process.
Program of import and export .. or program of letter credits and letters of guarantee , which allows the user to define imported goods in detail down to the pricing and the cost of procurement expenses automatically according to letter.
Schools program .. It is a program specially made for schools to manage and mechanize of school fees , school expenses and premiums analytically linking it were a full
Media Program .. It is a program for managing satellite channels ,advertisements and spacers AD .. allows the user to define all kinds of ads from commercial or TV shop advertisements , register map of movies or programs, determine the commercial breaks for every channel .. and so do the link between the administration and booking departments to work booking advertising automatically according to what is available from the period of broadcast and extract analytical reports that at the level of the client or agent advertising.
Maintenance program ..program that manages the process of scheduling maintenance of any machine and preparing  reports automatically for the periods of periodic maintenance or emergency orders.
Payroll program .. It is a program for the management of staff and salaries.
POS program .. POS and cashier.
restaurants Program .. Restaurant Management program to fully manage .. cashier and production and lounge tables.

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